Proctorial Board

The Proctorial Board of the Kautilya - Mahila Shikshak Prashikshan Maha Vidhyalaya is primarily responsible for ensuring that rules and regulations of the college are being followed by the students. The college has constituted a proctorial board to deal with issues concerning campus discipline. The Proctorial Board is headed by the Proctor. The board is in authority for monitoring the disciplinary climate prevailing in the student community and to take preventive steps such as issue of notices, warnings, instructions regulating certain acts, and other arrangements for the purpose of forestalling acts of individual or collective indiscipline. Students are liable to disciplinary action for violation of any of the rules of discipline which may be warning/fine/suspension from college.

Some specific responsibilities of the Proctorial Board are as follows:
 To maintain discipline in the college and to ensure that college rules are followed.
 To prevent students from creating unnecessary chaos in the college.
 To prevent students from indulging in any political activities in college premises.
 To ensure that each student prominently carries their identity card in college premises.
 To monitor the disciplinary atmosphere prevailing in the student community.
 To Issue all orders relating to disciplinary proceedings against students.
 To supervise security and safety environment of the College.